It's a Process.  And then it keeps repeating...

Get to Know Yourself

Explore Possibilities

Make a Choice

Make it Happen


The career planning process involves getting to know yourself through reflection and assessments, exploring possibilities by doing research, making choices and a decision then putting a plan into action.  Depending where you are in the process we will explore what's important to you and create action steps and accountability to help you reach your goals. 


As much as you’d like to select a career choice and stick to it, life doesn’t always work out that way. Career planning isn’t a one-time decision, it’s an ongoing cycle that you will re-visit throughout your life. 

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
~ Benjamin Franklin


Goal Clarity, Resume & Interview Skills, Building Your Personal Brand, Navigating Office Dynamics, Work/Life Balance, Earning The Money You Deserve, Breaking Through Barriers, Increased confidence, Improved Communication and Performance

YOU are responsible for your career.  Take charge and CREATE the career you wan​t.


How prepared are you?


  • Resume/CV - find out what tips and styles will get you screened in 

  • Interview Preparation & Coaching - mock interviews and feedback, negotiation skills

  • Job search strategies (marketing, networking, hidden job market)

  • Make meaningful connections with professionals and career experts (information interviews, recruiters, volunteering, )

  • What skills do employers want, close gaps, identify and develop skills, communication skills

  • Market yourself, personal branding, LinkedIn/social media presence

  • Transition smoothly from school/home to the workplace, adapt in the workplace, manage work-life balance, self-management and plan to exit the workforce

  • Do you know the difference between soft skills, transferable skills, behavioral competencies and technical skills?