"You think focusing is saying YES.  No, focusing is about saying NO.  Focusing is about saying NO.  And you've got to say No, No, No.  When you say No, you piss off people." - Steve Jobs, Apple 

I work with coaches, professionals and leaders at all levels and am privileged to be part of my clients' journey.  Most people seek me out to focus on their career goals but I work with clients on everything because they bring their whole life to the conversation.   

stop procrastinating - START ACTING
As your coach, I:

  • Help you set meaningful goals and reach them

  • Help you gain clarity to make choices that are aligned with your values

  • Challenge you to do more than you might have done on your own

  • Help you focus to produce better results

  • Provide you with tools, support and structure to reach your goals

  • Hold you accountable

  • Know you have the answers to solve your own problems


The benefits of coaching with Lisa Shepert include having a collaborator and partner focused on getting to the core of what people want and determining how best to use their strengths to get it. 


I listen, challenge, support, motivate and provide tools and resources with an unbiased perspective.  

I am a firm believer that 'NO' is a complete sentence and look forward to helping you FOCUS on what you need more of (YES) and eliminating what you need less of (NO).

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