Hi there,


Thanks for stopping by.  I'll tell you a little about myself but I'd rather hear more about you so I hope you'll drop me a line.  Everybody has a story. 


I discovered coaching 20 years ago after working in roles that didn't fill my soul.   I knew was destined to work in “People Development” and finally took the leap into the unknown and landed in a place far better than I could have imagined – founding and operating a successful coaching practice and helping others reach their goals. 


Growing up I was fortunate to have supportive parents and friends who encouraged me in times of uncertainty but in hindsight I wish I had someone else in my corner who I could talk to about hopes and dreams and fears without worrying about what they'd think of me.  Now I know this person is a coach.

Spirited, direct, caring, candid, trustworthy and wise.  These are a few words to describe me and my style of coaching.  I bring lots of energy and enthusiasm to my coaching and believe anything IS possible. If you’re looking for results in your life, are committed to doing the work required to achieve those results and you want someone in your corner to encourage, support and give you a kick in the ass, then I may be the coach for you. 

"The coaching process with Lisa has been a key success factor in striving to achieve some of my career goals.  Lisa makes me accountable to me and helps me to stay motivated even when facing difficult choices." JM

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As your coach, I have a lot to offer you, because I…


  • create a safe place to share your thoughts, fears and dreams without judgment

  • guide you through challenging transitions 

  • offer unlimited support & encouragement

  • challenge you to try new ways of doing things

  • accept you as you are

  • have been a practicing coach for 20 years

  • am certified in two coaching models

  • am a trained mentor coach

  • am a career development practitioner


This is what you can expect from me…


  • I will be your strategic thinking partner in all aspects of your life

  • I will really listen to what you are saying while also listening to what's not being said

  • I will be honest with my sharing as well as in my interactions with you

  • I will serve as a "mirror" for you to see yourself

  • I will provide a safe place for you to share anything you want

  • I will provide support and a check-in structure via regular coaching calls and email

  • I will share with you examples from my own personal journey if you ask

  • I will not tell you what to do