Individual Coaching


Once we’ve decided to work together one-on-one, I’ll send you a Welcome Package, and then if we are in the same geographic area, we’ll set up an in-person ‘Discovery’ session.  If we don’t live near each other, we’ll ‘meet’ over the telephone.   During the Discovery session, we’ll design a personalized plan for achieving your goals then we'll determine the steps you'll take toward achieving them. 
Following the Discovery session, we’ll set up a regular day and time for our sessions.  Ideally you'll have a dedicated time.  When it’s time for our call, simply pick up the phone from the convenience and privacy of your home or whatever location is convenient for you.


Group Coaching 


Do you get energized and motivated working in a group?  If so, I offer a weekly group calls for teens and young adults only.  There is a maximum of four people on the group call to ensure you get equal time.  Each week we cover a topic that is relevant to what is going on in your life.  It could be about ways to manage stress and your overwhelming workload, external and internal pressure, finding right career path and education and training and then the steps to make sure you get accepted.  




Discovery Session                                                                                                                   

Each coaching partnership begins with a 2–3 hour Discovery Session.  Together we review where you’re at and begin to plot a course for where you want to be in the next 4-8 months.

​​Fast Track                                                                                                                               

One-on-one coaching best suited for those who want to create results at a steady, consistent pace. This option is also for high achievers who want to achieve results quickly. 


Group Coaching                                                                                                 

This option is best suited for those who work well within a dynamic, collaborative environment with other teens and young adults with similar goals and interests.  Ideal for you and a buddy or someone you are comfortable sharing the details of your life with.   Maximum of four participants.  Group members are eligible to receive a discount for bringing friends. 



Includes unlimited email contact

Best suited for those wanting regular contact via email vs. telephone.


Coaching Lite & Maintenance Packages                                                                                  

Ideal for clients who have been working with me for at least three months and feel accountable and motivated based on the work we've done together but still want ongoing support and guidance as they continue to commit to their growth.


Referral Reward Program

My coaching practice relies heavily on satisfied clients.  If you refer someone to me who becomes a client for three months, make sure they mention your name and I will reward you with a gift to show my appreciation.