I entered an Executive Coaching relationship with some uncertainty about the process and the value of the exercise. However, after 14 months, I can unequivocally say that the experience has been profoundly valuable, both personally and professionally. The coaching experience created the forum for me to increase my overall self-awareness, realize where I unintentionally restricted myself, and prioritize some of my basic needs. The coaching I have received has directly resulted in me prioritizing my physical health, which has improved both my professional and personal life. It has also provided me better insight into my own leadership growth and development, and helped define my professional direction. I now have a far better appreciation of the type of self improvement that I can undertake both now and in the future. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program. I am particularly grateful to Lisa Shepert, who is a very skilled, professional, and compassionate coach. She provided me with the right questions and space to come to my own realizations, facilitated my own clarity of thought and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Lisa for any type of executive coaching. ~ MS

“Lisa has provided me with the resources and support that enable me to achieve the goals I set for myself.  She brings to our coaching sessions intelligence and insight that continually keeps me challenged and inspires me to strive to push myself to newer heights.  Working with Lisa has kept me clearly focused on making the changes I need and has brought into awareness a personal empowerment that is so important for a healthy and balanced life.  The commitment and dedication that Lisa has brought to our coaching relationship has already translated into numerous successes and I look forward to creating many more.”  ~ WS

I would recommend Lisa Shepert for anyone who is looking for an experienced coach who can provide you direction and empower you to improve and build upon personal, career and life development. As a full time working mother with two young toddlers, I came to Lisa stressed and feeling negative about various aspects of my life. I felt like I was at my breaking point in life. Through connecting with Lisa, I have become more self-aware of my old habits and am proactive in managing stress. I have learned to create personal time for myself to feel energized by planning my day. I feel I am more confident in creating change and unlocking my potential. I have been able to gain the motivation to engage in community projects.  I have learned to celebrate my achievements and successes in life. Ultimately Lisa has guided me through asking questions and giving me ideas to think about which I would have never thought about. One of the most powerful and transformative pieces for me has been Lisa’s continuous reinforcement of taking the time to acknowledge myself and celebrate my success”. Lisa is an exceptional coach whose insight and ability to build relationships creates such a natural experience with realistic outcomes. ~ RN

"Lisa has coached me MANY times and I've learned so much about myself from each session.  She asks me questions that stop me in my tracks and makes me re-think what I'm doing and why.  She also calls me on my $%I&, which I really need.  Lisa is great about helping my challenge myself, just by asking the most simple questions - like - "what's important about that?".  I look forward to each of my coaching sessions with her because I know I'm going to come away with a totally new insight or perspective about myself." ~ LJ

"Lisa was able to quickly assess what my focal points were and review with me the steps I needed to take to prepare for competing for my next role.  Some of the work involved self-reflection, research, writing (resume/cover letter) and running through mock interview questions.  After some feedback and self-induced missteps, I was able to produce a solid performance, which she helped me deconstruct and develop game-day strategies for.  My last interview performance was substantially improved and netted me an offer to take another positive step in my career.  Given Lisa’s ability to listen, reflect back, respectfully challenge, and put one at ease, I recommend her to anyone looking to make that next step."  ~ RG

"I was impressed with Lisa's intuitive, non threatening way of helping me to find different ways of reaching my goals. Lisa challenged me to set goals and follow through, something I have a hard to time doing. I found it beneficial to have a fresh, non judgmental perspective and will continue to find success using the tools she provided to me."   ~ LW

"I just wanted to send a note and thank you for spending some time with me in the last couple months to discuss career items. I wanted to let you know that the interview was great and I got the job. Doing the practice interview with you was so valuable and having you take notes about what I value in the workplace and then help me walk through the job while I was still questioning whether it was a good move – was exactly what I needed. After being on a number of failed interviews and having my discussions with you and going over the job competencies literature, I have really started to change the way I’m approaching my career. I think I let myself coast a bit too much in the last year or so, and this was the push I needed.   Thank you again so much – you are providing a really valuable service. I’m really lucky to have you."  ~ MW

"Just dropping you a line to say thank you for the resources you provided and your feedback.  I did fairly well in my interview, and was the successful candidate for the position I applied on.  I received very good feedback on my interview performance….  I definitely learned a good lesson about the level of preparation one needs to bring to these interviews." ~ SV

"Thanks for the time we spent together. I felt like the discussions have helped me to clarify some of my core motivators which will be useful as I make decisions about my career. The resources you sent are a wealth of information that I’m sure I’ll mine for a long time. I may decide to consult you again in the future if I have a specific question about my plan, resumes or interviews.  It's been very rewarding working with you.  I will be sure to pass on the information to others." ~ JB